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Ricky Trump is a travel enthusiast and fanatic who is living in New York. He says that he is born to travel the world and his favorite pastime and favorite hobby is to travel to marking his presence at the different places all over the world. Keeping that aside, to earn his bread and butter, he works as a Information Technology professional in one of the prominent Multi National Company. He spends most of his annual income just on traveling and his annual calendar is such that he somehow manages to go on trips two times every year. This eventually means that whatever he earns and of course saves in every six months, he goes out on a trip and spends it all. For Ricky, experiences are the most important things in life and that is how he lives his life. Apart from that, he all the way takes a keen interest in Art and heritage. So the next destination which he chose to visit was Leeds. He always wanted to visit United Kingdom. And finally he was going to fulfill his long awaited dream.

After reaching Leeds

As he flew from New York and as he landed on the Bradford airport and looked around, the cold breeze of Leeds took his heart away. His soul got the feeling of being relieved and eventually he felt like a new experience altogether. He quickly booked a cab and started moving into the city. And as he witnessed the first flash of the city, he actually fell in love with it. Love at first sight what they call in prose and poetry. The city was indeed so beautiful.

Strolling through the art galleries

He checked into his already booked hotel and was elated to experience the hospitality of the hotel staff. They were extremely cooperative. After settling down, he decided to leave for sightseeing. After witnessing the amazing beauty of the city, he then decided to visit some of the best art galleries of Leeds. The first venue happened to be ULITA which was situated on the Wilfred’s Chapel on the western campus of the University of Leeds. He gave his eyes some of the best pleasure at ULITA and then moved on to the Hep worth Wakefield. The Hep worth Wakefield is one amazing exhibition space.

The good night

As the day began to set down, he started feeling tired after the whole day’s tiring roam around the city of Leeds. He had some great food and then he made his way back to his hotel. While looking at all the pictures he clicked, he started to feel lonely. In such a scenario, he thought of using the facility of Leeds escorts. He scrolled through their website and booked an escort from the amazing Leeds escort service. The night eventually turned out to be a good night for him.