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If you are thinking of making a new move, something left of centre, because you are not the kind of person that enjoys a regular, low paid, no prospects kind of job, then that is probably what has brought you to browse the Leeds escorts jobs on the net. If you are imagining yourself as an escort in Leeds, then you have taken the first step to discovering a job that is exciting, fun, but not for the girls that like a 9 – 5! If you are an escort Leeds clients will generally be looking for your time and companionship from the early evening onwards. This prestigious Leeds escorts agency opens for bookings at 6pm right through until dawn, so if you are a night owl then even better! Because the evenings and the nights are when it is all happening in Leeds! 

Have you got the natural talents to be a Leeds escort?

Do you love looking good and knowing that you generate interest in the guys in your vicinity? Of course you do! There are exceptions to this, but that is maybe because the ladies in question are interested ONLY in other ladies. But if you are bisexual, then although the majority of bookings are from the gentlemen of Leeds and the surrounding areas, Leeds female clients also use this high class escort agency in Leeds for their casual slice of adult enjoyment. Plus of course the escorting duos, as Leeds escorts working as a twosome tend to be bisexual or bicurious. So you like causing a stir amongst the guys when you pass by, or they see you in a club and are drawn to you like a magnet! You feel a boost and a smile appears on your face. Guys like these could be calling to book an escort in Leeds and asking for you – the difference is that they will be paying for the pleasure of your time and companionship! It’s a win/win situation!!! 

Becoming an escort in Leeds

Because yes, you do earn a great income as a Leeds escort. That’s why when we advertise an escort job in Leeds, we are looking for special applicants. Anyone over 18 years of age up to 35 years and most importantly has got the talents, the looks, and the personality, to be a Leeds  escort companion and could be the new escort in Leeds that our clients are clamouring to meet. You look good, you are not shy to show of those curves, you are discreet and can be trusted and if you had to choose how to spend your free time, then you would say – out on a date with a sexy guy who respects me and appreciates the way I look! It’s only natural! It doesn’t matter what job you had before, maybe you are a student and looking to find the best way to pay your way through those years of study, it’s the belief in yourself that matters, so that you can take on a great opportunity and do something that will be pleasure for you and your escort client. As long as you have the right to work in the UK, then your desire for an escort job in Leeds is up for grabs. 

Escort jobs in Leeds – right here, right now!

If you want to know more about a Leeds escort job with us, then apply online or give us a call, arrange a brief interview and see if it’s for you. If we both think that it’s the right move, then you could be meeting your first Leeds escort client in a couple of days!