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If this has caught your eye and is buzzing around your brain, thoughts about becoming an escort in Leeds is maybe sounding like a genuine option, one you may or may not have seriously considered before. Finding that this established and high class escorts agency is currently on a Leeds escorts recruitment drive, may be just the chance you have been hoping for. You may have wanted to become an escort in Leeds and West Yorkshire for several years. You could have been waiting for the turn of your eighteenth birthday perhaps or be on a break from regular relationships and think escorting would be a better alternative, if you are up to thirty-five and looking for a change of direction, then ladies, pick up the phone and call today! There are interviews to bring you up to speed with what an escorting career can entail, what hours you may be able to work and the sort of enhanced income you can look forward to. In fact, everything that you need to know to set you on the right path to a new life as a successful escort in Leeds!

How to apply

Come on all you sexy, attractive young women with a desire for a different path in life, check out our online application form, or just call us direct. Well presented, with a good body and a personality that embraces fun and excitement are the things that this premium escorts agency in Leeds is looking for from you! Contact us today and you could be available as a Leeds escort next week!! Out there with gentlemen who love your look, enjoy your companionship and who will treat you accordingly. It could be your chance that changes everything!!