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Hi Friends,

My name is James Dawson. I’m a travel enthusiast living in San Francisco. My favorite passion is travelling. I love to travel to different places all over the world. Apart from that, I hold an IT degree and I am working as a IT professional in an MNC. Apart from that, I also have a keen enthusiasm and interest in Art and heritage. So that way, I chose my next destination to be Leeds. I always wanted to visit Britain.  And finally I was going to fulfill my long awaited dream.

First interaction with Leeds Escort

So I got my tickets booked and left for Leeds. The moment I landed on the Bradford airport and moved my eyes around to check it out, the cold breeze of Leeds swept me off and stole my heart away. My soul felt totally refreshed and my head felt defying the gravity. I booked a cab and started making my way towards the city. As I saw the first look of the city, its colourfulness, its commotion, I completely lost myself in it. It was truly majestic indeed. And I was already finding myself totally hooked up to the charm of the city.

Making way to art galleries

I checked into my hotel and was extremely elated to see the hospitality of the hotel staff. They were really cooperative and supportive. After settling down, I moved out for sight seeing as it was still morning. I had some amazing Mancunian food. The food happens to be a thing which makes you come again and again into the arms of a place and Leeds was serving exactly the same for me. After that I started visiting some of the best art galleries of Leeds. The first destination was ULITA which was situated on the Wilfred’s Chapel on the western campus of the University of Leeds. This provides the best art forms and masterpieces of Leeds. I eventually savored the best form of ULITA and then I made my way to the Hepworth Wakefield. The Hepworth Wakefield is a unique museum started on 21 may 2011. This amazing venue, formed by David Chipper field Architects, is a destination to fall in love with the architecture and art of Leeds. It is stretched in a huge area with being in excess of 1,600 square meters gallery space filled with outstanding light. The Hepworth Wakefield is one outstanding purpose-built exhibition space at a distance from The London.

The lonely night turned exciting

By this time the sun had already started to make its way to west and I had started to get a bit tired by now. I had a great food and then I returned back to my hotel. As the time passed, I started feeling lonely and horny at the same time. I thought of using the facility of Leeds escorts. I ended up booking one escort from the amazing Leeds escort service. And it eventually turned out to be a good night.